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Computer Science: Periodicals

CSUF currently subscribes to many journals of interest to computer science majors. Most are kept on the second floor of the Pollak Library, North Wing.  They are filed in Library of Congress call number order. A list of subscriptions useful for students of computer science is available.
Click on the link to find journals that we own for each computer science subject heading.

Computer Science Periodicals 
Computers Periodicals

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Many full text journal articles are available through our electronic databases, as well as in our library.  Check our Computer Science Journals Title List to see if we have access to a periodical through any of our available resources.

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles, publications, and presentations that are available for free on the web.

Journals (selected)
The following list of journals provides descriptions and library holdings information for some of the leading publications in the field of computer science.  Please consult the Computer Science Journals Title List for a complete listing of all journals in this field available to Cal State Fullerton students.

ACM Transactions on Database Systems
Pollak Library 1981-Present

Contains scholarly research articles on database management and design.

ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems
Pollak Library 1981-Present
Publishes research and algorithms of programming languages and systems.

Annals of Software Engineering
SpringerLink 1997-Present

A peer-reviewed journal that includes articles and papers on practical and theoretical research, as well as surveys and tutorials on specific areas of software engineering.

Artificial Intelligence
Pollak Library 1973-1994         Elsevier SD North-Holland 1995-Present
One of the premier journals in the field, Artificial Intelligence publishes the results of the latest research in the field of AI.

Artificial Intelligence Review
SpringerLink 1997-Present

Provides a broader range of articles in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.  In addition to scientific research articles, AIR publishes surveys, reviews, and commentaries.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Elsevier SD North-Holland 1995-Present
Provides original research on the use of computational methods in applied mechanics and engineering.  ISI ranks this journal #3 on it's list of the top journals in Computer Science.

Distributed and Parallel Databases
SpringerLink 1997-Present

Publishes articles on new research, user experiences, and system development of distributed and parallel databases.

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Pollak Library 1972-Present            IEEE Xplore 1998-Present     
Covers research and practical applications in communications.  ISI ranks this journal as the 5th most cited journal used in computer science.

IEEE Transactions on Communications
Pollak Library 1972-Present             IEEE Xplore 1988-Present     
Covers all aspects of communications.  ISI ranks this journal as the 2nd most cited journal used in Computer Science

IEEE Transactions on Computers
Pollak Library 1968-2003             IEEE Xplore 1988-Present     
Provides articles on the theoretical and practical implications of research into computer science.

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Pollak Library 1963-Present            IEEE Xplore 1988-Present     
Covers the storage, transmission, and utilization of information and communication transmissions.  ISI ranks this journal as the 4th most cited journal used in Computer Science.

IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
Pollak Library 1989-Present          IEEE Xplore 1989-Present

A research journal with a focus on practical applications of data engineering.

Information and Computation
Pollak Library 1987-1992              
Elsevier SD Academic Press 1993-Present
Provides original research articles on theoretical computer science.

International Journal of Computer Vision
Academic Search Elite 2003-Present (with a 12 month delay)
SpringerLink 1997-Present
Provides articles with the results of research into computational aspects of vision and applications of computer vision.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Pollak Library 1974-2002  
Not so much a journal as it is a compilation of papers, presentations, and conferences proceedings.   Nevertheless, LNCS is ranked by  ISI as the #1 most cited source used in computer science.

Machine Learning
SpringerLink 1986-Present
Provides results of original, substantive research conducted on computational approaches to learning.






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