Library Terminology

Most professions have their own vocabulary, or jargon, and librarianship is no exception. Here
are some sources for finding definitions of terminology relating to libraries and librarianship.

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     Print Resources in Pollak Library

bullet The ALA Glossary of Library and Information Science "Terms  that reflect "the current practices of libraries and related information agencies"—Forward, p. vii. (Reference Z1006. A48).

bullet Harrod's Librarians Glossary: 9,000 Terms Used in Information Management, Library Science, Publishing, the Book Trades and Archive Management (Reference Z1006. H32.)

bullet The Librarian's Thesaurus
A concise guide to library and information terms. —Preface, p. vii. (Reference Z1006. S5.)



     Online Resources


Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science (ODLIS). Comprehensive dictionary of library terminology; also contains publishing, printing, book history, literature, and computer science terminology that might be helpful to library and other information professionals. Authored by Joan M. Reitz, Western Connecticut State University.


Library Lingo: A Glossary of Library Terminology. This extensive glossary maintained by Sarah Myers at Colorado State University. Connects to a handy, smaller "Glossary of Library Terms,
authored by Naomi Lederer.


Library Jargon Defined
Definitions of commonly used library terms. Authored by Beth Brin at Boise State University.


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