Newspapers are an important resource in historical research. Pollak Library has both online and microfilm copies of many 18th, 19th and 20th century U.S. newspapers. The online newspapers are available on the Databases A-Z list on the homepage. 

The microfilm copies of newspapers are located in the filing cabinets in the Basement of Library North. Several common newspapers are also available in paper format on the 2nd floor North, but when the microfilm copy is received, the paper copy is discarded. The call number range for most microfilm and paper newspapers is AN13 - AN15.

New! Online Full-text searchable historical newspapers:
A growing number of newspapers are available online for full-text searching.  

Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

New York Times (1851-2004)

The Times (London) Digital Archive (1785-1985)

America's Historical Newspapers (1690-1922)
Searchable database of more than 1,000 historical American newspapers from the late 17th, 18th, and 19th, and early 20th centuries.

Microfilm Newspapers at CSU Fullerton, Pollak Library:

bulletAll Other United States
bulletAll Other United States
bulletOnline Newspapers with Indexes

Newspapers and Indexes at other institutions:

bulletCalifornia Newspaper Project
Location index to many of the California newspapers since 1846.
bulletTry the WorldCat database and search either the title or for a specific location with the term newspapers e.g. Orange County, Calif. -- newspapers
bulletAfrican-American Newspapers and Periodicals: A National Bibliography
Call Number: Ref PN4882.5z A37
A national census to over 6500 newspapers and periodicals written, published and/or edited by or for  African-Americans since 1927. Arranged alphabetically by title, each entry includes publication and cataloging information and a limited list of libraries holding the newspaper.
bulletAmerican Newspapers 1821-1936 : A Union List.
Call Number: Ref Z6945 .A53
Useful for finding older libraries that have copies of these papers.  This is an older source, published in 1937.
bulletBrigham, Clarence. History and Bibliography of American Newspapers 1690-1820. 3 vols
Call Number: Ref Z6951 .B86
Newspapers listed alphabetically within each state. Detailed information on the publication e.g. number of issues, publisher, name changes. Limited list of libraries holding the newspaper.        
bulletMilner, Anita. Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject Guide
Call Number: Ref Z6951 .M635

Libraries, historical societies and some newspapers have often attempted indexing or acquired published indexes. Institutions with newspaper indexes are listed by state and community, then newspaper title, dates covered and institution. 


One problem using microfilm copies of newspapers is the lack of indexing.   Online indexes and many print indexes go back to the 1970s but not much further and there are few readily available indexes to most newspapers.  Milner's book, Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject Guide, provides help by listing some libraries that have varying levels of indexing for specific U.S. newspapers. 

When there is no index, try to get an exact or approximate date and then search from that date forward.

bulletChristian Science Monitor:
1987-1994 Call Number: Ref AI21 .C461
bulletLos Angeles Times  (see online version for keyword searching)
bulletLos Angles Times Index: 1972- Call Number: Ref AI21 .L65 N49
bulletL.A. Times Card Index on Microfilm 1881-1945
Call Number: AI21 .L65 (periodicals)
Not everything published was indexed. Use the Reel List to determine the correct subject reel.  On the top left of the card is the year e.g. 17 is 1917.  Each card has a brief description of the newspaper item, usually handwritten, followed by the date, section, page, and column information e.g. May 4 II : 3 : 6. For this entry you would get the May 1917 reel, go to May 4, section 2, page 3, column 6.
bulletL.A. Times Card Index on Microfilm: the Reel List
Call Number: Ref AI21 .L65
There are 6 sections to the master list:
bulletSubjects 1927-1935 rolls #1-52
bulletGeographical 1927-1935 rolls #53-74
bulletNames 1927-1935 rolls #75-192
bulletGeneral 1935-1945 rolls #75-192
bulletGeneral 1912-1927 rolls #193-234
bulletGeneral 1881-1897 roll #234
bulletThe Perspective Index: 1964-70 Call Number: Ref AI21 .L71
An index to the Los Angeles Sunday Times Perspective, Opinion, and West magazine sections
bulletOnline databases: c.1975
bulletNew York Times: (see online version for keyword searching)
1851-1912 Call Number: Ref AI21 .N4
1913-1999 Call Number: Ref AI21 .N44
bulletSan Francisco
1976-1986 Call Number: Ref AI21 .S25 S2611 
bulletWall Street Journal:
1957, 1961-1999 Call Number: Ref AI21 .W2
bulletWashington Post:
Call Number: Ref AI21.W33 W361 


bulletPalmers Index to the Times (London) newspaper: (see online version for keyword searching)
1790-1941 Call Number: Ref AI21 .T5  
bulletTimes Index 
1785-1786 Call Number: Ref AI21 .T5
1941-1957 Call Number: Ref AI21 .T5
1957-1972 Call Number: Ref AI21 .T5
1973-1999 Call Number: Ref AI21 .T5

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